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The Art Of Effective Communication

Tony Robbins

transcript 0:00 our net subjects is rapport in your 0:11 notes anywhere you want there’s no place 0:12 for just right rapport is power rapport 0:17 is power earlier today we said anything 0:21 you want to achieve anything you want to 0:24 learn master experience there’s somebody 0:28 out there who has a life experience the 0:30 understanding the ...

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Watch SpaceX land a used rocket for the first time ever

SpaceX made history last week when it landed a used Falcon 9 rocket on one of its drone ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Never before has the space transport outfit attempted to relaunch one of its recovered rockets, making this a landmark moment in SpaceX’s ongoing rocket reusability mission. In this Instagram video released earlier tonight, we can see the ...

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